Hi πŸ‘‹ I am an Associate Professor of Project Management in the School of Built Environment, University of Technology Sydney, Australia.

"Yongjian Ke" is pronounced as the audio below.



My research spans a range of challenges in the delivery of infrastructure projects, including risk allocation, contracting behaviours, social acceptance and social sustainability, among others. I am particularly interested in sustainable infrastructure development and public-private partnerships (PPP) and their potential to drive new investment and collaboration opportunities between Australia and China.

My current work includes two National Science Foundation of China-funded projects, one to develop a social license for infrastructure framework for Chinese contexts, and the other to investigate value co-creation in infrastructure projects. I also look at social sustainability within PPP projects and the use of procurement to create social value within and beyond the parameters of infrastructure projects.

Previously, I have produced highly regarded research into the cultural and contractual differences between infrastructure teams in Australia and China and the use of social media to measure community sentiment towards infrastructure project delivery and Chinese investment in Australia. I have received funding from a range of academic and industry organisations, including the Australia-China Relations Institute, the Project Governance Control Symposium and the Project Management Institute.

I am a Department Editor for the Project Management Journal, a Guest Professor at Chang’an University in China and a Research Associate at the Australia-China Relations Institute*.* I hold a PhD in Management Science and Engineering and a Bachelor of Engineering from Tsinghua University in China.

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